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30 Things To Do Instead Of Following The Election Results

If you are looking for ways to combat your election day anxiety, you have come to the right place.

Are you experiencing heightened anxiety due to today’s election? Would following the election results disrupt your mental health and self-care boundaries?

This is a day I’m struggling with, so I created a list of productive activities to take part in instead of following the election results. For me, this means no news, social media, or group texts. You can also use this list if you plan to take a social media break in the future.

There are a lot of hours to fill, leading up to the election results, so there is an opportunity for you to get a lot done today.

Here are 30 things to do instead of following the 2020 election.

  1. Get a jump start on your 2021 goals

  2. Create a new mood booster music playlists

  3. Try Meditation or a new workout routine

  4. Try a new comfort food recipe

  5. Put away your summer clothes

  6. Reorganize your drawers/closets

  7. Start a new podcast (I recommend Scam Goddess)

  8. Start a puzzle (or if you are like me, finish your puzzle)

  9. Finish that book you started

  10. Organize the apps and folders on your phone

  11. Organize your finances by making a calendar/chart of payments by day and accounts

  12. Research how to invest

  13. Declutter your inbox

  14. Tackle your laundry before the weekend

  15. Go through your bills and cancel any unwanted subscriptions

  16. Set up your bills for auto-pay

  17. Clean out your pantry/fridge

  18. Paint a room in your house

  19. Deep clean your bathroom/kitchen

  20. Rearrange a room in your house

  21. Repot your plants

  22. Start a donation pile from unwanted clothes/items in your home

  23. Call someone you love (who won’t talk about politics)

  24. Write a letter to your younger/future self

  25. Rewatch your favorite movie/TV series

  26. Research and donate to a new charity

  27. Get a jump start on your Christmas shopping.

  28. Plan your next vacation, outing, or meet-up with friends

  29. Color or draw a picture of yourself

  30. Learn a dance routine from HOMECOMING: A film by Beyonce on Netflix

I hope you enjoyed this list of things to do instead of following the election. Please feel free to comment with more suggestions!

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