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Bring Your Own Power 

Bring Your Own Power (BYOP) is a space created to help Black women and women of color to discover, own, and claim their power. 

The Why

Women are the forgotten sex. The intersection of race intensifies this repression for Black Women and women of color and creates an unyielding struggle for identity and power. Bring Your Own Power (BYOP) comes out of the reality that power is not distributed evenly. 

The What

Through an unique approach of collaboration and storytelling,  Bring Your Own Power (BYOP) is a haven created to help Black Women and women of color to create, cultivate, and conquer their power. This website and blog aim to emphasize the importance of self-expression and self-development while encouraging sisterhood.

The Who


Black Women and Women of Color who wish to create, own, or revolutionize spaces 

 that are not designed for you.

This space is ours. 

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 I fell in love with the balance of power shortly after I fell in love with political science. As a Political Science student, one of the first lessons you are taught explains the distribution of power: "Who Gets What, When and How." This process dictates who gets power and resources in society and how said power is distributed.

At 8, I witnessed a firsthand experience of the deprivation of power growing up in SouthEast Washington, DC -how your race, income status, zip code, and quadrant determined one's resources and advantages. 


At 18, I began my studies at Spelman College where I was able to further examine the distribution of power and the ability to influence people and systems.


At 28 years old, I seek to help women to speak, learn, and lead on their own behalf. 


Bring Your Own Power (BYOP) comes out of my passion for influencing how Black women and women and color are shaped by their environment and perceived by society. This change, specifically through mentorship, sisterhood, and collaboration, will influence your self-esteem, professional relationship, experience, and pursuits.  

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