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Your Future Success Depends On Self-Love. Here's Why

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Six reasons why self-love will help you experience more success in your life!

Since my introduction to self-love occurred and my introduction to the importance of self-compassion, I made a conscious decision to increase my love for myself. Consciously practicing self-love helped me ditch old mottos and ways of life and create an environment for myself to grow and flourish. I've noticed that by consciously practicing self-love, I'm able to see more success in all aspects of my life - career, finance, physical and mental health, relationships, and more.

Self-love is transformative and can help bring success to all aspects of your life. There are many external factors - like therapy, mentorship, and, career development courses - to help support your success. However, internal factors like self-love influence your pursuit and welcoming of these external factors and ultimately help you level up.

Read on for six reasons why self-love will help you experience more success in your life.

Self-Love Helps You To Appropriately Measure Your Self-Worth

How we measure our self-worth directly affects the kind of life we live and our success.

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, talks about how we regularly measure our self-worth on random external factors like our appearance, career, or relationships and compares this method to measuring our height with a random stick. She writes, "When it comes to measuring self-worth, many people use something just as unreliable as a random stick".

There are various ways people measure their worthiness throughout their lifetime, and most are tied to external factors which isn't healthy or appropriate. Without self-love, it is easy to forget that our worth isn't determined by outside forces but by who we are. Self-love helps to value yourself based on internal factors and not what others think of you or your accomplishments.

Self-worth affects you mentally and emotionally and is almost always the culprit behind those "I'm not good enough feelings." Appropriately measuring self-worth will help keep your focus on your goals and values instead of temporary boosts to your ego or self-esteem which is vital to your success

Self-Love Help You Acknowledge Burnout Quicker.

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Burnout is not only a work-related stress disorder - it occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

When your schedule is full of commitments for others, it becomes hard to find ways to care for yourself. Burnout puts yourself and your opportunities for success at a disadvantage as we are more likely to suffer from physical and emotional symptoms such as headaches and depression.

Self-love helps you to acknowledge when you neglect yourself and your needs and combats those opportunities for a physical and mental ailment to arise.

Self-Love Allows You To Be Your Biggest Advocate

From work to our relationships to the clothes we wear, we can often go about our day-to-day receiving harsh criticism of our performance and appearance. While a lot of the criticism is from external voices - we can often be harsher in our critique than outside voices. Self-Love allows for a much kinder and loving inner voice to help us get where we want in our personal lives.

This nurturing and encouraging inner voice will help you get to where you want to be and become a safeguard when you have to defend yourself from harsh words or lies in your personal and professional life. This will help you navigate day-to-day work and relationship challenges more efficiently and open more doors to your success and potential.

Self-Love Breeds Risk Taking

Self-love breeds risk-taking, and risk-taking breeds success. Most people are confronted with the below at some junction in their lives:

What if I fail?

What will people think?

I don’t love my job, but it pays the bills.

I’m too old to pursue my passion.

What if I never find my soulmate/someone else to love me?

Self-love helps provides a rebuttal to these types of questions and moments of self-doubt. When you have self-love, you are more likely to go after more things because you don’t need people’s approvals, and you dare to challenge the fear of uncertainty. This allows you to take more risks and be ready for the pursuit of your success.

Self-Love Allows You To Separate Yourself from Your Failures

Part of practicing self-love is seeing your worth and self separate from your failures and mishaps.Separating your failures from who you are is a vital step in your personal and professional success.

Self-love allows you to fail without it becoming part of who you are. This enables you to treat failures as lessons to lead to success and encourage you to continue to pursue your goals despite roadblocks.

Self-Love Helps To Maintain and Tighten Personal Boundaries

At its core, setting boundaries aims to conserve one’s time, energy, and resources. Learning to establish personal boundaries and to feel secure with the boundaries you have established for yourself is an act of self-love.

Being aware of your time, energy, and resources and setting the appropriate boundaries will help you invest in yourself and your career, finances, mental health, and other aspects of your day-to-day life.

Ensuring your own needs are met before attending to the needs of others is critical to your overall success.


Self-love will help you level up and give you the power to attract and pursue everything you deserve in your life. Invest in your success, by investing in yourself.

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