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The Importance of Sisterhood And Finding Your Tribe

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Why every woman needs a tribe and how to find or continue to support yours!

Growing up, I was the young girl who joyfully boasted, "I don't have a lot of female friends" and "I prefer male friendships."

Thinking about this makes me cringe. I grew up playing organized sports with my male cousins and often was labeled a "tomboy," so I had limited interactions with your girls.

All this changed one spring day when I played football with my cousins and friends, and another little girl joined to play. One of my first interactions with another girl playing sports - and it completely shifted my perspective of preferring male friendships over females.

This small interaction was a significant moment for me. It helped me realize that my denouncing female friendships was a deflection because I attracted more male attention and struggled to find girlfriends. That day I realized I just had to find friends who valued and enjoyed the same things as me - I just had to find my tribe.

Women friendships, sisterhood, and finding your tribe are life-changing. Read on for the importance of sisterhood, why every woman needs a tribe, and how to find or continue to support yours.

What Is Sisterhood

Sisterhood is an association, society, or community of women linked by a friendship, common interest, religion, or trade with an intention to make a positive impact.

Sisterhood offers a safe and collaborative space for women to share and feel connected and a deep sense of belonging.

Finding Your Tribe

Finding your tribe requires being honest with yourself about what kind of connections, social interactions, and conversations feed your soul, not just about companionship.

Consider the below when trying to find your people:

  • What type of people do I like to spend time with?

  • What do I want to learn from my friends/interactions?

  • How do I enjoy spending my free time?

  • Am I experiencing a career or life shift?

As women, we have diverse character traits and family and life dynamics. Your answers to the above questions will help you understand and decide what you want in your tribe. Once you know what areas are most important, seek out like-minded women through online communities, neighborhood and social events, or your job.

The Importance Of Your Tribe

Surrounding yourself with the right people can contribute to a happy and fulfilling life. This connection is especially important in women's relationships - as we work to support and celebrate one another, which is often forgotten in spaces where we constantly compare ourselves to each other.

Here are a few reasons why every woman needs a tribe:

  1. Women are more successful when they have a tribe of women behind them.

  2. Women who have close female friendships stay happier and healthier as they age.

  3. Tribes create spaces for us to pause, breathe, and let go.

  4. Tribes fulfill the need for connection and belonging that comes from the sisterhood.

  5. The connection of a tribe helps us connect deeply with ourselves and helps reveals things we don't know about ourselves.

Celebrating Your Tribe

With all of life's busyness, remember to celebrate and support your tribe in times of triumph and tragedy.

Here are easy ways you can support your tribe."

  • Send flowers, a "Thinking Of You" card, or an edible arrangements

  • Check-in monthly to share wins and discuss support areas.

  • Schedule in-person meet-ups or video calls to maintain a connection,

These small acts show your tribe you will always her back and are there no matter what.


Share ways you have found or celebrated your tribe below.

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