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The Importance of Rest and Recovery To Thrive

Last month, I took a break from social media, my Bring Your Own Power blog, and other stuff.

After going through months of turmoil - grieving relationships (romantic and friend), starting a new job after experiencing bias at work, and rescuing a woman from a sexual assault - I felt like I was dealing with too much at once.

Combined with the ongoing emotional turmoil since the pandemic, I was completely burnt out, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even with self-care Sundays, moderately consistent sleeping patterns, and pampering myself I was struggling to power through life demands. Finally, I decided the best thing for me to do was to take a break.

I took a 30-day break from social media, creating content for my blog, and going out to focus on what Brittany needed to reset and recharge. During my break, I journaled, started a new gym, redid my budget and goals for the year, limited my vices (like drinking at home), and reconnected with nature. My break allowed me to rest and recommit to recovery and recharging on a more regular basis.

If you are feeling like you cannot keep up with life's daily demands or if you are feeling stuck and unmotivated, it may be time for some much needed rest and time to unplug.

Life can be super demanding between your career, family, and personal endeavors. It is so important to commit to recharging, resting, and recovering. We will be unable to achieve our growth and reach our future potential by simply “powering through” life’s constant demands.

Rest is vital to improve and maintain mental health and overall happiness. While your calendars are filled with familial engagements and meetings, be sure to find time to spend on your own rest and recovery. Cheers to your rest ethic, being as strong as your work ethic!


How do you plan to prioritize rest in your daily routine?

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