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Self-Care Habits To Practice Based On Your Love Language

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Your love language says a lot about the ways you welcome and acknowledge love and care from others. Applying those same practices to the love you give yourself will help foster a better self-care routine and relationship with yourself.

Everyone has a primary love language. Simply put, a love language describes how a person feels loved and appreciated. Although this expression is usually directed at romantic relationships, knowing your love language can help enhance your most important relationship - the relationship with yourself.

Since self-care is all about taking action to protect one’s well being and happiness, understanding how and when you feel most loved is crucial to establishing a self-care routine and can help transform your self-care practices.

Read on for a description of the 5 love languages and BYOP's Recommend Acts of Self-Care Based On Your Love Language.

1. Words of Affirmation

People with this love language enjoy hearing that they are loved and appreciated and the reasons behind the love.

Recommended Acts Of Self Care

If you enjoy receiving written notes or words of kindness from your loved ones, try adding the below to your self-care routine.

  1. Reciting daily affirmations

  2. Keeping a gratitude jar or list

  3. Maintaining an accomplishment file

  4. Acknowledging and celebrating small wins

  5. Eliminating negative self-talk

  6. Writing a list of things you love about yourself

  7. Saving and rereading kind notes people have written to you

  8. Reading through your favorite self-care/self-love quotes

  9. Listening to inspiring music or a podcast

  10. Writing letters to your younger or future self

2. Acts of Service

This language focuses on showing love and adoration through action, which helps ease the burden of responsibility and ultimately makes your daily routine or lifestyle easier.

Recommended Acts Of Self-Care

If you enjoy being surprised with a clean house or a cooked meal, try adding the below to your self-care routine.

  1. Cleaning and decluttering

  2. Getting a head start on New Year’s resolutions and goals

  3. Unfollowing social media Accounts that no longer serve you or bring you down.

  4. Taking a social media break

  5. Volunteering or doing something nice for someone else

  6. Maintaining your laborious skin-care routine

  7. Meal planning

  8. Unplugging after a long day

  9. Stillness (doing nothing)

  10. Creating a budget or financial plan

3. Receiving Gifts

If this is your love language, you enjoy the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. It’s not just about the item or cost, but showing that you are appreciated.

Recommended Acts Of Self-Care

If you enjoy receiving non-materialistic gifts as a sign of love, try adding the below to your self-care routine.

  1. Treating yourself to fresh flowers

  2. Creating a mood-boosting playlist

  3. Learning a new skill

  4. Starting a new hobby

  5. Starting a new book

  6. Planting or repotting your plants

  7. Indulging in your favorite dessert

  8. Splurging on a massage or a spa day

  9. Making your bed

  10. Treating yourself to a cleaning or laundry service

4. Quality Time

This love language is all about receiving your undivided attention. This means no distractions, no cell phones, no work emails - just taking time every day to do something meaningful for yourself.

Recommended Acts Of Self Care

If you feel most loved when there is time devoted just for you, try adding the below to your self-care routine.

  1. Journaling your thoughts

  2. Dedicated self-care days

  3. Trying out a new recipe or baking

  4. Spending time with loved ones

  5. Putting your phone on do not disturb

  6. Soaking in a bubble bath

  7. Saying no

  8. Solitude

  9. Going on a solo vacation or exploring a new neighborhood or park alone

  10. Snuggling with a new book in bed

5. Physical Touch

People who have this love language thrives on human contact and connection.

Recommended Acts Of Self Care

If a hug or human contact helps you feel comfortable and reassured, try adding the below to your self-care routine.

  1. Using essentials oils

  2. Getting a manicure or pedicure

  3. Drinking warm tea or coffee

  4. Sleeping with a weighted blanket

  5. Natural sunlight

  6. Stretching

  7. Getting a hand, head, back, or full-body massage

  8. Cuddling with the family’s pet

  9. Holding or embracing your child or partner

  10. Calling or video-chatting a loved one

Learning your primary love language and incorporating it into your self-care practices will help create a powerful self-care routine and relationship with yourself.


What is your love language? What acts are your adding to your self-care routine?

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