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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Job or Career Change

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Career and professional development was a big focus for me this year after relocating to Washington, DC. DC has a great job market with lower competition and a diverse range of employment opportunities.

While exploring options, I started to notice signs that I may be wanting more for myself outside of my current role and industry.

If you are currently questioning your career path, take this opportunity to examine your relationship with your current role and company. Read on for five signs it’s time for a new job or career change. With more flexibility to work remote and freelance, this may just be the sign you have been waiting for!

No Longer Feeling Challenged

If you find yourself bored at work or only being challenged due to the lack of hours in a day or resources on your team, it may be time to seek new career opportunities.

For some, this may be the perfect time to coast. For others who dread the idea of doing monotonous, repetitive, or uninteresting work, you may want to ask for a new project to work on or seek out an opportunity that's more acceptable for you at this stage.

Lack Of Motivation

Lack of motivation at work can reveal itself by having difficulty staying focused, feeling exhausted, or pure boredom. However, it manifests it may be a sign that it is time for a new job or career.

Since motivation is personal, first determine what motivates you - monetary reward, recognition, pressure? Then try to identify why you lack motivation at work; this can be due to being overworked, the absence of a healthy work-life balance, or no room for professional growth.

Take some time to reflect on the reasons for your lack of motivation and decide if you can get back in the swing of things without a career change. This can look like taking a vacation, making more money, or taking on a new project.

If you are still unhappy and uninspired by your job, it might be time to reconsider your career path. In the meantime, if you need help staying motivated, check out these five tips.

Absence of Growth Opportunities

If your career has come to a standstill due to the lack of opportunity for advancement or recognition for your hard work, it is time to pursue additional opportunities.

Personal growth and development opportunities empower and motivate employees to be productive, confident, and engaged. If you are not receiving these types of opportunities at work, you may see change in your quality of work, you may become less outgoing, or you may become detached from your team and work.

It can be challenging to determine if you are in a stagnant position. The realization typically happens over time. If you're having trouble deciding if you need to move out of your current role or move on from your current company, check out Fair God Boss article 4 Signs You're Not Going to Grow Unless You Leave Your Job.

Impacts Your Mental or Physical Health

Our workplace is where we spend majority of our weekdays, so it is a no brainer that it can help or harm your personal health. A healthy work and personal life balance is important for all of us and can look different depending on your tenure, professional level, or industry.

If your current job impacts your sleeping behaviors, eating habits, or personal relationships, it might be time to talk to your manager (be sure to document any communication in email) or look for additional opportunities outside of your company. No job is worth your health, and you should always prioritize your wellbeing above anything else.

You Have Visualized A New Career For Yourself

These last few months, I've found myself dreaming about alternative career options outside of Account Management and Advertising Technology.

If you consistently visualize yourself in a new career or role, it's time for you to get out of your comfort zone and just go for it.


If you experienced these signs, it's time to start making a plan to find a job that embraces your passions and inspires you. Check out 3 Tips on How to Make Your Next Career Move and 8 Ways to Get Your Job Search Back on Track to put your plan in motion.

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