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Five Mottos To Let Go To Prevent Burnout

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It's time to cancel hustle culture - prevent burnout by giving up these five personal mottos.

Burnout has become a bragging point - and often mistakenly equated to being successful. Across many professional industries - employees are encouraged and praised to abide by this hustle culture - a culture of over-extension. Even before the pandemic, the always-on lifestyle added unhealthy amounts of stress onto daily routines.

Closing out 2020, I took an inventory of what factors contributed to me getting burnout and what - if anything - can help me get better. I started setting alarms to take breaks, eating lunch, and helping stop working after office hours.

This worked for quite some time, until I found myself slipping back into prioritizing my professional work over my personal to-do list. I realized that I adopted a hustling lifestyle while working in Corporate America and in the advertising technology industry.

To help prevent burnout, I had to redefine my attitude towards "Hustle Culture" discard previously held notions to get ahead in my career, and reshape my approach and beliefs to be successful. Read on for five mottos to release to prevent burnout and be more successful.

We All Have The Same 24 Hours

Like fingerprints, all human have unique circumstances and lifestyles that make their 24 hours unique to them. I do not have the same 24 hours as Beyonce. With 2 kids and a husband, my sister does not have the same 24 hours as me and less flexibility to exercise daily or stick to a strict morning routine.

Stop comparing your journey to others and use your hours in your days to your advantage and the best way that works for you and your success.

Sleep Is For The Weak

If there is one thing I have learned my recent relationship with self-care, it is that I need more sleep and rest. A good night's rest has innumerable health benefits, like being more focused and energetic.

If You Want It Done Right, You Have To Do It Yourself

Doing everything yourself is not scalable. To survive personally and professionally, you have to learn how to delegate and empower people to do work just as well as you.

Delegating work is valuable inside and outside of the office as you start your own company, start a new relationship, or begin raising a family.

Also, be mindful of the underlying drivers of controlling behaviors. It can be a symptom of an anxiety or personality disorder. It also can be your ego preventing you from delegating, as you think no one can do the work you do or as well as you can. If you have trouble delegating, check out this article on how to delegate in 6 easy steps. If you think you cannot delegate due to a fear of relinquishing control, talk to a licensed practitioner.

If You Are Committed To Your Success, Then You Have To Put The Hours In

Hours worked does not equate to productivity. Commitment leads to success - whether you have personal or professional goals, your success depends on committing yourself to your job and taking personal ownership of your role and impact.

Sometimes, this will require late nights and missing outing. To prevent overworking from becoming a habit, set boundaries to maintain a balance between the needs of our personal and professional lives.

All work and no play lead to burnout. To be successful, you must have harmony and balance between your personal life and professional career.

You Have To Sacrifice What You Like To Do To Get To Where You Want To Be

This motto is a great saying that demands dedication, however it is often taken literally and should not be. Do not sacrifice your health, sleep, sanity, or relationships to get ahead.

However, do be cautious of immediate desires that will cause distractions, procrastinations, or interruption to your goals. For example, if you have a goal to save a certain amount of money by a specific date, you may need to limit your outings with friends and splurging.

Determine what is most important to you when thinking about sacrificing for your goals. For me a healthy work-life balance and self-care is something I'm no longer willing to compromise on when it comes to reaching my goals and getting ahead in my career. Make conscious choices to avoid immediate and impulsive desires that will deter and hinder your dreams.


In professional industries that are super reactive and demanding, you have to be proactive in taking care of yourself and setting yourself up for success. What are some mottos you can get rid to prevent burnout?

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