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5 Effective Ways To Make Your Day Less Stressful

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Stress is an inevitable part of life - from work to home life and from minor to major challenges. You can't always control what you are going through. However, you can control how you handle stress and how you react.

Stress can take a toll on your well-being and day-to-day life. Therefore, it is crucial to have practical, effective, and fast-acting stress relievers that you can do anywhere.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed due to an urgent client request or your child's behavior, be sure to have tools at your disposal for stress relief. Read on to check out five highly effective stress relievers for your everyday life.

Reevaluate Your To-Do Lists

Reducing your workload can immensely benefit your stress levels and help you feel better. It is impossible to squeeze 12 hours of work into 8 hours and attempting to do so will ultimately leave you feeling stressed.

Reevaluate your to-do lists and personal commitments to minimize the stress you experience. This may require you to step away from a personal endeavor, step down from a committee, or asking for help with some of your work or home responsibilities.

Managing your time can allow you to eliminate the stress you experience from being overworked and experiencing burnout.

Ask For Help

Asking for help is essential to managing stress. There will be periods of duress throughout your life when you cannot think clearly, perform at your highest level, or show up for yourself. When this occurs, asking for help from a loved one, therapist, life coach, or spiritual advisor can help manage your stress levels and help you receive ongoing support.

Take a Walk

Going for a walk is an easy and quick stress reliever that you can do almost anywhere. Taking a walk allows you a change of scenery, which can get you into a different frame of mind and is a form of exercise.

So when you are feeling stressed, try taking a quick lap around the office or a stroll outside to get a break from a frustrating task to help to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has many benefits for stress relief and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Aromatherapy involves inhaling the scent of essential oils to promote health and well-being. Your olfactory system - the bodily structures that serve the sense of smell - directly affects the part of your brain that regulates emotion. This is why scents can trigger memories and elicit feelings and ultimately help reduce stress and anxiety.

So whether you enjoy candles, diffusers, or body products, consider incorporating some aromatherapy into your day to relieve stress.

Eliminate Things That Add To Your Stress

Lastly, the best way to reduce your stress is to cut Lastly, the best way to reduce your stress is to cut whatever is causing the stress out of your life if possible. Constantly checking social media sites, consuming alcohol or caffeine, socializing with a needy friend, among other things, can add unnecessary and avoidable stress to your daily life. Make changes to your daily habits by eliminating (or reducing) your interaction and consumption with things that raise your stress levels.


Finding the best stress relief strategies may take some experimenting and consistent practicing.

However, it is important to maintain tools and routines that will help you manage life's ups and downs in a healthy way.

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