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4 Quick Tips To Help Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Your LinkedIn profile is a snapshot of who you are and helps tell your career story and attract recruiters. In 2021, having a LinkedIn profile can help expedite your job search as most hiring managers, and recruiters use it. LinkedIn is the social channel that sources the highest quality candidates.

Whether you are starting your career, looking for your next move, or re-entering the workforce, the quick and easy tips below will help your LinkedIn profile stand out and hit your career goals.

Create An Attractive Summary

Your LinkedIn summary, also known as LinkedIn About Me Section is your opportunity to share your career journey in 2,000 characters or less. Along with your headline, this is one of the first things viewers see, so make it eye-catching. While LinkedIn gives a limit of up to 2,000 words, only the first three lines are visible before a visitor has to click 'See More,' so I recommend keeping your summary concise under 1,000 characters.

To make an attractive summary, follow the below tips:

  1. Treat it as your elevator pitch

  2. Make sure it includes your years of experience, skills and professional interests, and accomplishments.

  3. Use words strongly connected to your industry.

Here's an example

Performance-driven Customer Success Manager with nearly 10 years of success in managing enterprise accounts, developing successful client on-boarding processes, and increasing revenue. On average, I increase Within the last year, I've

Showcase Your Accomplishments In Work Experience

When adding your employment experience, be sure to include a description of your roles and responsibilities along with significant accomplishments.

You can add your work experience in a summary style or bullet points similar to your resume.

However, unlike a resume, your LinkedIn work experience entries can be more detailed and specific and showcase both quantitative and qualitative accomplishments.

Here is an example of each style:


Led a team that managed 25% of the company's revenue and helped increase annual revenue by 150% and team retention and performance by 30%

Bullet Points

I oversee SAAS strategic accounts' daily operations to ensure client development and retention through effective marketing of company's


Key Highlights:

  • Awarded Customer Success Manager of the Month, increasing impressions and revenue by 25% +.

  • Co-founded Diversity & Inclusion Group to improve the company's cultures and values. Serves on the Professional Development & Owning Your Identity Employee Resource Committee.

Increase Your Connections

Try to establish at least 50 new connections on LinkedIn each year by connecting with those who work with you or professionals employed at the companies you would like to work for.

Be sure to engage with your connections by liking and commenting on posts with insights and genuine reactions. This will help you stay on top of mind for job opening and projects and stay visible to other potential connections.

Write Your Own Posts

Lastly, you should write your own posts on topics relevant to your current or target industry. Doing this, will help you be seen as an expert and leader who employers will want to hire and others want to connect with.

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